The Warren County Heritage Area, which extends across central Warren County running East to West, is the next part of our region to experience substantial development and travel demand growth.

Roads are usually the last public infrastructure to be built in response to development pressure and the associated travel demand. If left until after development has occurred it is an expensive and painful process, and is often off-target with community expectations.

The Warren County Heritage Area Transportation Plan will:

  • Articulate local context for addressing increased travel demand.
  • Help understand existing and developing transportation problems.
  • Confirm criteria for evaluating various strategies to address problem areas, including relative importance of: safety, accessibility, connectivity, mobility, environmental resources, cultural and historical resources, design elements, sustainability, and others.
  • Identify the possible range of actions or “projects” that should be advanced for more detailed evaluation.

The Warren County Transportation Improvement District (WCTID), in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Transportation, District 8, hosted an open house on April 24, 2019, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., at the Armco Park Pavilion, 1223 State Route 741, Lebanon, Ohio 45036. Below are the exhibits and documentation which were provided at the meeting. Also, comment forms are provided below which include instructions on submitting them for review.


Board 1 - Heritage Area Map
Board 2 - Traffic on SR63 Union to 741
Board 3- WHY? (from scoping study)
Board 4 - Why TID
Board 5 - Economic Development
Board 6 - Future Development Potential Example
Board 7 - What Will it Look Like
Board 8 - Defined Access
Board 9 - Environmental Considerations (1)
Board 10 - Environmental Considerations (2)
Board 11 - Environmental Considerations (3)
Board 12 - Environmental Considerations (4)
Board 13 - Environmental Considerations (5)
Board 14 - Environmental Considerations (6)
Board 15 - Environmental Considerations (7)
Board 16 - NEPA Assignment
Board 17 - The Shakers
Board 17a - Application to Become a Sections 106 Consulting Party
Board 18 - NEPA Assignment
Board 19 - Shaker Impacts
Board 20 - Cultural Resource Study Area
Board 21 - Safety
Board 22 - Technology
Board 23 - Heritage Area Traffic Network Map
Board 24 - Heritage Area Road Network Photos
Board 24a - Answers - Heritage Area Road Netowrk Photos
Board 25 - History of Heritage Area

Warren County Heritage Area/SR63 Priority Project Flyer
What's Next? Flyer
Comment Form

To submit comments or for more information, you may contact Dan Corey, Project Manager for Warren County Transportation Improvement District, by phone at (513) 695-7725 and by email at