Southwest Warren County | Area Progress

Disclaimer: Projects shown on this website are for informational purposes only. Due to public funding, permitting, or resource issues, those projects may need to be advanced, delayed, or postponed indefinitely. Therefore, this website will be updated periodically.

The Warren County Transportation Improvement District is currently phasing a calculated regional program of infrastructure improvements. Throughout southwest Warren County the development of these improvements are to provide a safer and more efficient commute for the traveling public. This map below identifies current projects underway, followed by construction dates and links to project websites. The individual pages will serve for further information on any specific project questions.

Fields-Ertel Road / Mason-Montgomery Rd / I-71 Interchange Improvements
Under Construction |

Western Row Road / I-71 Interchange Improvements
Construction begins 2016 |

Mason-Montgomery Road Widening
Construction begins after 2017 |

Duke Boulevard Widening
Construction begins Summer 2017 |

Socialville-Fosters Road Widening
Construction begins 2016 |

Innovation Way Widening and Extension
Construction begins 2017 |